Last year Florida's legislature set a July 1, 2014 deadline for banks (and business that bought debt from banks) to file lawsuits against former homeowners for deficiency judgments for foreclosures that concluded prior to July 1, 2013. A deficiency resulted whenever the sale of a home brought less than was owed the bank on the mortgage and for its costs and attorneys fees in the lawsuit. Historically deficiencies were seldom sued on because borrowers who defaulted were seldom solvent, however that calculus was changed by the advent of the strategic default.

The conundrum facing Florida homeowners is becoming more complex by the day, as lenders stop foreclosures in Southwest Florida (birthplace of the "rocket docket" where courts gave short shrift to homeowner defenses) and the Fifth Circuit has ruled that homeowners' associations can force banks that have successfully foreclosed to actually follow through with foreclosure sales (once the sale is completed, the bank has to begin making payments to the HOA or condo association--something that they were using interminable delays to avoid doing).

Over the past several years, wireless networking has become a fixture in American homes, invisibly allowing family members to connect not only their computers but their gaming consoles, phones and even items such as security cameras to their home network without the need of stringing cables. That’s the good news. The bad news is that without careful attention to security, your wi-fi can allow not only access to what’s on your hard drive or your credit card as you make an online purchase, but can put you in difficult legal trouble as well.

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